Not just an Owner/Operator, I am a chronic rescue dog Mom!

I am passionate of all things dog & just like you, sometimes I need some help getting things done for my fur babies.

I have experienced not being able to get to Vet appointments, surgery, grooming and nail clip appointments myself, pickup medication refills, or get to the store to get food, toys, clothing, chewies, accessories.  I know how it feels & know how busy life can get.   

At the heart of STUFF FOR RUFF is supporting and partnering with Northern Troopers Dog Rescue, Manitoba Animal Alliance and Reserve Animals 911.  Supporting rescues comes in many forms. From sharing their posts, to volunteering some of your time, to donating much needed supplies and food for the rescues.  They will know warmth of being inside a house for the first time in their lives, medical attention, bowls and food so they will never know hunger again.  Such simple items on their own but together they can make that first day in rescue less scary for them.   So, next time you are shopping, please add a few items into your cart for your favorite rescue.... a little support goes a long way.

Is in these difficult & challenging times we are all living through, I am here for you.  We really are in this TOGETHER. Let's all be kind and patient with each other. We like to support and always open to partner with other small, local, businesses. Supporting other passionate and like minded dog businesses is an amazing accomplishment.  

If you are a small, local business that supplies or makes quality dog clothing and/or accessories, for XXXXL - XXXXL, hard to find sizes that would be a great addition for BOUJEE BORK or make high end, quality, designer wood crates, stairs, ramps or indoor houses that would be a great addition for HOUSE OF BORK, we would love to hear from you.  Please send an email to [email protected] 

STUFF FOR RUFF, BOUJEE BORK, HOUSE OF BORK is here for you & your fur baby/babies.

Shari Malazdrewicz


STUFF FOR RUFF is the first and only city wide carrier, courier, delivery and transport service within the City limits for your dog/dogs.  We are strong advocates, supporters and partners with three local rescue agencies in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A portion of proceeds from the sales of all handmade snuffle matts go directly to these local rescue agencies to help them keep doing what they love and do best!   A portion of proceeds from BOUJEE BORK and HOUSE OF BORK also go directly to these three local rescue agencies..



Chief of Home Security, Room Patrols, Nom Nom Tastings, Ball-Ball Specialist

Dexter was a rescue pup from northern Manitoba, rescued during a cull while running with a wild pack of adult dogs.

Dexter is 13yrs old, completely blind from severe juvenile cataracts & has spinal nerve damage in his front shoulder and legs from being abused.

Bailey in The Blue

Chief of Over-Seeing His Mom Working, Napping, Sleeping on the Job. & Stealing Chimkin.  He is A Self Identified Dramatic Diva.

Bailey is 16yrs old, completely blind in one eye, has 4th stage heart murmur with enlarged heart.

In Loving Memory of 

Zeus and Wyatt Earp

Zeus was a rescue pup in Ontario, Wyatt was a rescue pup in Alberta and both had long, loving lives with me..  

Zeus crossed the rainbow bridge from cancer at 10yrs old.  Wyatt crossed the rainbow bridge at 9yrs old after being accidentally poisoned by a neighbour.​ who used homemade grass & weed killer on their lawn.